Shenzhen Xuanhu

5G module(49)
4G module(187)
3G module(0)
2G module(20)
LPWA module(50)
Wi-fi module(27)
GNSS module(52)
LTE-A module(11)
Discrete semiconductor products(1407)
components and parts(7625)
Resistance elimination/resistance network(473)
8-bit MCU SCM(198)
32-bit MCU microcontroller(158)
DSP Digital Signal Processor(15)
Other microprocessors(206)
EEPROM memory(130)
linear regulator and LDO(1251)
Battery Charge Management Chip(255)
Battery Meter Chip(10)
Voltage reference chip(246)
Power Monitor and Reset Chip(204)
LED Backlight/Lighting/Display Power Supply(201)
DC/DC Switch Converter(977)
RMS to DC Converter(10)
V/F and F/V Converters(2)
Ideal Diode/OR Controller(42)
Charge Pump(45)
DDR Memory Power Supply(14)
USB Power Switch/Load Switch(85)
Power Controller/Monitor(116)
RS485/RS422/RS232/RS562 Transceiver(210)
Motor Driver and Controller(141)
Other Interfaces(30)
Sensor and Detector Interface Chip(18)
USB Chip(49)
Interface (Driver/Receiver/Transceiver)(214)
Security/Authentication/Encryption Chip (8)
Real Time Clock Chip(47)
Clock Generator/PLL Frequency Synthesizer(27)
Clock Buffer/Driver(13)
Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer(8)
Voltage level converter(219)
Standard Transceiver(284)
Audio operational amplifier(8)
Audio signal processor(3)
Video amplifier(1)
LED digital tube and display driver(11)
LVDS interface chip(22)
Touch screen controller(3)
Analog Switch Chip(321)
Multiplex chip(88)
digital isolator(110)
Isolated grid driver(19)
analog-to-digital converter (ADC)(225)
Digital-to-analog converter (DAC)(145)
Analog Front End (AFE)(7)
Digital potentiometer(12)
Hybrid Converter (ADCs+DAC)(20)
Comparator comparator(109)
General amplifier(500)
JFET input amplifier(39)
Precision amplifier(102)
Instrument amplifier(205)
Current detection amplifier(45)
Special purpose amplifier(11)
Power amplifier(59)
ESD Suppressor/TVS Diode(1226)
Temperature sensor(87)
IMU motion sensor(12)
Special/Special Sensor(4)
RF detector(13)
RF Amplifier(7)
RF mixer(8)
RF Other ICs and Modules(61)
RF attenuator(18)
ISM Wireless Chip(6)
Development/Evaluation/Validation Board(76)
Digital isolator (1)(1)
MRAM magnetic random access memory(153)
LED tube and display driver(22)
Audio and video special IC(2)